Lazer Edge-450 is a revolutionary HSS Circular Saw Sharpening machine which has taken Saw Sharpening to new heights and also given it Extreme stability. The machine is a very simple and easy to use machine with simple controls.

The following Tooth Profiles can be Easily made on this machine.

Tooth Profiles

Tooth shape A

is normally used on fine toothing (<3) for applications such as brass alloy cutting, jewelry and screw slotting.
Tooth shape B
 is normally used for thin-walled pipes and the cutting of structural shapes, especially where chip removal is not an issue.
Tooth shape AW
unlike type A, is alternately bevelled, thus optimizing chip shredding. It is particularly suitable for precision cutting.
Tooth shape BW
is primarily used for cutting pipes and sections. The tooth is alternately bevelled at 45°, breaks the chip in two and guarantees good chip evacuation.
Tooth shape C
is used for solid sections or very thick pipes. The chip is shredded into three parts due to the presence of both a finishing tooth without chamfer and a pre-cutting tooth (longer than 0.25 mm) with two chamfers on each side.

Grinding Teeth Chamfer & Profile

Technical Specifications

Specifications Lazer Edge 450
Diameter of Saw Blade 65 - 450 mm
Tooth Pitch 25 mm Max.
Tooth Depth 8 mm Max.
Thickness of Blade 8 mm Max.
Sharpening Speed 70 to 140 teeth / min
Cutting Angel 0 - 30 Deg.
Grinding Wheel 150 mm x 25.4 mm x 1.5mm
Grinding Speed 2800 RPM
Grinding Wheel Motor 1/2 HP 0.375 KW
Gear Box Motor 1/2 HP 0.375 KW
Net Weight 175 KG

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