A well sharpened tooth in a Saw Blade is of paramount importance to achieve burr free cut with maximum square ness. It helps achieve more cuts per re sharpening, reducing the cost of cut and increasing the life of the blade as well.

SHARPEDGE EXCEED MODEL-1000 is very operator friendly machine which has minimum controls and is easy to set and operate.

The machine is of rigid built and very robust technology interface. The up and down movement of the blade is electrically controlled. The lubrication is centralized. With easy Electrical control this is top machine for the job.

# Tooth generation is controlled by an individual motor control.

# Frontal sliding support is provided for heavy load of large size blade bearing capacity.


Spindle Speeds

2800 RPM

Diameter of Circular Saw Blade

Max. 2100mm

Min.    550mm

Maximum Saw Blade Thickness

10 mm

Maximum Tooth Pitch

15 mm

Maximum Tooth Depth

8 mm

Grinding Wheel Dia.

200 mm


30 strokes/min.


Wheel Head Motor

Feed Motor

Saw Blade Traverse motor

Focus Lamp

0.75 KW/1.0 HP 3Phase 2800RPM

0.35 KW/0.5 HP  3phase1440RPM

0.35 KW/0.5 HP 3Phase 1440RPM

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